Centrifugal forced-draft machines

JSC "Institute" Orgenergostroy” is one of the major players in Russia
for the development and manufacture of high-quality
and highly-efficient centrifugal forced-draft machines.

Тягодутьевые машины от производителя АО ОЭС

АО «Институт «Оргэнергострой» является одним из ведущих предприятий России по разработке и изготовлению высококачественных и высокоэкономичных центробежных тягодутьевых машин.

E. L. Kokosadze Director

JSC "Institute" Orgenergostroy” is one of the major players in Russia for the development and manufacture of high-quality and highly-efficient centrifugal forced-draft machines.

Own production site is located in the industrial area of the city of Kaluga. This is a modern enterprise providing a full range of services for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of forced-draft machines used in various industries: nuclear and thermal power engineering, metallurgy, chemistry and petrochemistry, mining, production of construction materials, etc.

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Highly qualified

Our company places the highest qualification requirements upon employees.

Collaborate with research institutes in the field of aerodynamics, materials science

Scientific research

Contact with consumers

Maintain a constant contact with our consumers

Special attention is paid to the development of forced-draft equipment to replace the equipment that is worn-out or fails to meet the required operating conditions.

Replacement of worn-out


Specialists of our company develop technical solutions to enable to operate the equipment under special conditions. At the final stage of the production cycle the products should prove compliance with stringent requirements of QС laboratory, which allows to maintain high quality of the products.

Extreme conditions
with prescribed efficiency and pressure parameters working at 3000 rpm and temperature of the transferred medium up to 6000°С
High temperature
in corrosive environment at a temperature of more than 4500°С with impellers of special design made of high-alloy steel
Dust content
in heavily dust-loaded applications with a high content of abrasive particles


more than 100
types of products


more than 10
years of operation




from 30 days

Запасные части для тягодутьевых машин любого назначения

VDN, VD forced-draft fans are designed to transfer clean air at a temperature up to 100°C.

The centrifugal ventilation plants presented in the catalogue are designed for ventilation systems of nuclear power plants.

The high pressure single-suction forced-draft centrifugal fans of series VVP(A) 280, VVP (A) 315 and VVP (A) 630

Hot-blast fans are designed to supply hot air heated to a temperature of 450°С

6 December , 2017

New product manufactured at our plant

Brought to your attention is a new product manufactured at our plant! Developed are five series of high-pressure fans with a capacity ranging from 1000 m3/h to 400,000 m3/h and a pressure up to 25,000 Pa.

Reference to the catalogue of high-pressure fans

5 December , 2017

DRG-18 recirculation induced-draft fan being

DRG-18 recirculation induced-draft fan being unique in Russia was manufactured for Nazarovskaya GRES. The machine was made of heat-resistant steel, steel casting was also used. The most critical parts were made of exclusive heat-and wear-resistant materials produced at Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.

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