Serial machines of type DN, VDN


By purpose the centrifugal forced-draft machines are divided into forced-draft fans, basic induced-draft fans, mill fans, recirculation induced-draft fans and hot blowing fans; fans and special purposes induced-draft fans.

VDN, VD forced-draft fans are designed to transfer clean air at a temperature up to 100°C.

Basic induced-draft fans of DN type DNx2 D and Dx2 are designed to transfer flue gases at temperatures up to 250 ° along the gas paths in boilers and gas cleaning systems. The permitted loading of the transferred gases with ash , and dust with similar abrasive characteristics is 2 g/nm3

Mill fans of VM VVN type. VVR. VVSM are used to transfer the dust-loaded air in the systems of preparation and supply of coal dust to boiler furnaces. The ultimate temperature of the air mixture is 150°C. The permissible dust loading of the air with particles of coal, or other dust similar to it in terms of abrasive characteristics, is 80 g/Nm3.

The regular fans and induced-draft fans of special purpose (including corrosion-resistant ones) are intended for use in processing lines at the industrial plants at temperatures up to 450°C (with availability of a system for additional air cooling of the running gear).

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6 December , 2017

New product manufactured at our plant

Brought to your attention is a new product manufactured at our plant! Developed are five series of high-pressure fans with a capacity ranging from 1000 m3/h to 400,000 m3/h and a pressure up to 25,000 Pa.

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5 December , 2017

DRG-18 recirculation induced-draft fan being

DRG-18 recirculation induced-draft fan being unique in Russia was manufactured for Nazarovskaya GRES. The machine was made of heat-resistant steel, steel casting was also used. The most critical parts were made of exclusive heat-and wear-resistant materials produced at Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.

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